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Для wcabextract:
Switch Definition
/q Quiet mode – Skips all user prompts
/q:u User Quiet mode – Shows some dialog boxes
/q:a Admin Quiet mode – Does not show any dialog boxes
/t:path Extracts the files to the specified path
/c Extract only – Extracts the files without installing them
/c:path Change location of Setup file – Specifies the path to the Setup file if it is different from the default path
/r:n Never restart – Do not restart the computer even if it is necessary to complete the installation
/r:i Restart if necessary – Automatically restart the computer if it is necessary to complete installation
/r:a Always restart – Always restart the computer after installation
/r:s Silent restart – Automatically restart the computer without prompting the user
/n:v No version checking – Install the program over any previous version

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