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This is a comment on Alt Linux / Sisyphus / devel / Up Stream / As Needed, posted by at 2007-02-02 14:15:07

Миша, Дамир сформулировал выжимку из дискусий вокруг --as-needed которую, ИМХО, стоит опубликовать в самом начале этой твоей странички.
1, Explicit linking dynamic objects with all dso it needs ensures
correct soname dependencies and prevent ABI incompatibilities.

2. Unused direct dependencies encumber package with extra dependencies
(including soname dependencies). An encumbered program takes more time
to load (5% in case of gdm for example), and need more memory mapped
to its address space.

An encumbered package requires extra packages when installed, and
needs extra care when one of unused libraries was updated and its
soname was changed.

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