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ALT Linux Mirrors

what, where, how much

The whole repository including ISOs is at rsync:// [125Gb as of 2007–09–24], parts of it are updated roughly daily. There are also distinct parts specifically worth mirroring, namely latest stable release (4.0) and current/unstable branch (Sisyphus). Overall picture is currently like this:

The “wholesale” location is here:
rsync:// is 125G as of 2007–09–24 including four releases (since 2004) and daily-updated unstable (Sisyphus/)

Latest stable release is here (uses hardlinks):
58Gb, static+updated; consists of:
14Gb (4.0.0, i586) — static between point releases
45Gb (4.0.0+4.0.1, i586+x86_64) — ditto
25Gb (current, i586+x86_64) — updated daily to weekly

Its ISOs are here (included in the above):
4.4Gb, static between point releases
18Gb, ditto

Updates are maintained here:
rsync:// — ca. 3.6Gb as of 2007–09–24

Unstable branch lives at:
rsync:// — 32Gb as of 2007–09–24 (incl. orphaned/obsolete which aren't usually needed)

TODO: add year-over-year growth rates observed, see archives


You might want to specificaly exclude known ancient (e.g. there is Compact/2.3 and Master/2.4 there, current releases published like 4.0/{Desktop,Server,branch} which really is more logical) — or too specific — parts of the archive:

and probably '*orphaned/*' although that's rather limbo than end-of-life for a package.

The corresponding rsync commandline addition is:
--exclude '*/GIVC/*' --exclude '*/Castle/*' --exclude '*/Compact/*' --exclude '*/Junior/*' --exclude '*/Master/*' --exclude '*/Mozilla/*' --exclude '*/OpenOffice/*' --exclude '*/unsupported/*' --exclude '*/obsolete/*'


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